Issue 185

16 Apr

Is it really already Monday again!?

Yes, it is. And on to a new issue of Ciao – but first let’s review our most recent efforts. Righteous Rightie returned triumphantly for a whinge about the economy…it’s lucky Latte Leftie wasn’t in the house because Ning van Dam from Summer Hill had a rant about LL’s sour attitude on page 6 (thanks for the great contribution Ning! The Inner West needs more people like you!).

Meanwhile, we’ve got a recipe for a sandwich and some pasta to keep you full this week and some tips to keep you motivated to exercise rather than remain seated on the lounge eating the eggs left over from Easter – we don’t know about you, but there’s still tonnes of chocie floating around our office!

Thanks to Newtown business consultant, James Falk, for agreeing to grace our cover. He’s recently discovered a new-found talent for blogging and is using it as a platform to contribute to debate (he ran for the seat of Balmain last year, and has quite a lot to say in the way of local politics and much more).

In other news, our traveller Winsor Dobbin goes to Tassie, the roadtester goes bargain hunting in the Inner West’s best 2nd hand shops, we get the secret to perfect cannoli and a Leichhardt blonde gets the thumbs up from our panelists in Hot or Not.

Don’t miss out – go to

Sorry to love you and leave you but there’s work to be done! x






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